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Spiritual Reading


My Child, reading and reflecting are a great help to your spiritual progress. My doctrine is explained in many books, written under the supervision and guidance of My Church. Some of these books are written simply, and some are very profound and learned. Choose those which will help you most toward a greater understanding and appreciation of My Truth. Do not read to impress others, but rather to be impressed yourself. Read so that you may learn My way of thinking and of doing things.

Read the Holy Scripture, but be sure that it is a version approved by My Church. I inspired the human authors of these holy writings, but I did not inspire the men who later translated these works. My Church has the power to detect errors and inaccuracies wherever My Truth is involved.

I promised to stand by My Church to the end of time. I said that the gates of hell would never conquer Her, and that those who believe in Her would be saved. I never said that Scripture alone was to guide anyone toward eternal life. In fact, through My Apostle Peter I warned everyone that the Scriptures are not always easy to understand; nor do all men find salvation in them. You can see the proof of this in the numberless opinions and beliefs which separate so many sects from one another. If I agreed with all of them, I would be contradicting Myself many times.

Follow the light which I left behind Me - My Church. Those who hear Her, hear Me. Learn the truth which I have left in Her care. My truth will be a light to you in time of doubt and worry. It will give you a wonderful mirror of life, to help you detect where sin may be lurking and where greater virtue lies.


Reading brings me many thoughts. It helps me to understand better what I already believe. It keeps my outlook on life fresh and unconfused. It also keeps my enthusiasm alive. One who does not read, is like a man who tries to live on the smallest possible amount of food and sunshine. His spiritual life will eventually shrivel up and become anemic. It may even die when a strong temptation comes along. I can read safely only when I follow the guidance of Christ's Church. He has given Her power and authority to direct me in all matters of faith and morals. I want to read, reflect, and pray a little each day so that I may follow Our Lord more intelligently in my daily activities.


My Saviour, let me never become mechanical in my religious practices. You gave me so much when You gave me Your Church. Through Her I can make my daily life ever richer. Give me the wisdom to read and reflect often upon Your wonderful teachings. Grant me a deep interest in Your holy truth, and a supernatural joy in learning more about life's most important treasures. I desire to share Your outlook and viewpoint in the daily events of my earthly life. I hope to understand You better by a more frequent reading of spiritual books. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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