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My Child, anybody can get along with those who are quiet and mild-tempered. It is no great accomplishment to associate with those whom you like, or with those who see things your way. True greatness is proven by getting along with people who are difficult and contrary, or with those who are thoughtless and selfish.

Some live at peace with themselves and with those around them. Some on the other hand, have no peace within themselves, and they seem determined to ruin the peace of others.

You will find peace only if you are willing to bear patiently what you cannot remedy. He who knows how to suffer patiently for My sake, will receive My gift of peace. He is master of himself, a friend of Mine and an heir of Heaven.

If troubles come to you, do not let them disturb you. Look to Me, and at least give Me the loyalty of being patient with My Will. If human efforts fail to bring a solution to your troubles, it means that I want you to bear this trial. I want this for good reasons, which you may not understand just now.

Above all, avoid anger when matters go against your wishes. Let no word of resentment fall from your lips. Give a good example of faith and confidence in Me. Let your patience shine before men.

Do not force others to share your troubles by making them feel your impatience, anger or self-pity. Follow My words in these matters, and your present trouble will bring you a joy greater than you can imagine.


Our Lord speaks of meekness and humility as two of His special lessons to me. Meekness is the virtue of gentleness with others, especially with those who arouse me to anger. Jesus wants me to take this as a personal lesson from Him. Anger and impatience are often signs of a deep pride or selfishness. I am aroused when matters do not go as I wish. The occasions for a just anger are rare enough. Most of the time I become angry because I lack understanding, or sympathy, or patience, or a willingness to suffer any more than I must. How would Our Lord take those same situations? There is my Model!


Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like Yours. Make this petition one of my frequent prayers. You want me to be like You. I seem to think that life would be unbearable if I practiced meekness with certain people. Let me understand that meekness is not weakness, but strength-the strength of virtue. You want me to practice meekness? I am willing to try it for Your sake. Show me how to do it. Let me no longer give in to my pride and my selfish desires by the sin of anger. When things are not going my way, let me act as You would act if You were in my place. Make me more and more like You. O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like Yours. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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