Thought of the Day:

Knowledge and Wisdom


My Child, those who follow Me, do not walk in darkness. With Me there is neither guesswork nor error. I have given you an example in My daily life. In order that you might not misunderstand My example and My words, I founded My Church to explain them. To keep you from the torture of doubts and from all foolish extremes, I promised to preserve My Church from error in her religious and moral teachings.

Follow Me, and you will be walking the path to eternal life. Do not let your emotions confuse your thinking. Control your foolish pride and let Me guide you through My Church. She will speak your language and will prevent you from misunderstanding My teachings. By a frequent use of My sacraments you will gain a deeper appreciation of My Truth.

Many are deaf to My voice. They say that they follow Me without any human steppingstone. These people are deceiving themselves. They are simply too proud to submit themselves to the human guides whom I set over them. Their religion consists only of what they understand. or like, or find convenient.

I do not want self-made men among My followers. Mere human judgments are too feeble to follow My teachings without error, and mere human strength is too weak to obey My commandments without the supernatural help of My grace. Sincerity is no substitute for truth and right. True, I want you to follow your conscience in your daily life, but without My Church you will not always be sure that your conscience is correct.

Come, follow Me in your daily life. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In Me you will find the most important knowledge of life, and the only sure way to eternal happiness. Learn My Truth and follow My example in your daily life, and your reward will be greater than words can ever express. Meditate often upon My earthly life. As far as you know how, imitate Me in your daily activities. With Me you will have peace and a daily progress toward Heaven's eternal joy.


Christ wants no guesswork, but a sure course of action. The King of Truth wants His followers to possess the truth. He speaks to me through the Scriptures, the Christian tradition, my prayers, and the circumstances of daily life. I can learn the true interpretation of these things from His Church. It is not always easy to be sure what God desires of me. Even my good intentions may lead me astray into ridiculous extremes. Only Christ's Church can guide me with certainty. When She speaks, Christ speaks. He promised to be with Her all days until the end of the world. A true follower of Christ. will look to His Church for the knowledge and wisdom of Christ.


My Jesus, I thank you for leaving me Your Church. I see so many sects which claim to have your blessing and support. Yet, they contradict one another in many doctrines. You have granted me the favor of knowing Your one, true, apostolic Church. She still stands today, after centuries of opposition and persecution. The many attempts of Satan to destroy Her have failed, as You promised they would. Empires have risen and fallen, but Your Church goes on telling the world Your holy teachings and commandments. You still speak through Her, offering truth and wisdom to all men. Let me always follow Her guidance in all matters of faith and morals. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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