Thought of the Day:

Knowledge Without Virtue


My Child, the desire for knowledge is natural and normal, but it is not good unless this knowledge helps you to become a better man. A simple workingman who follows My words is far better than a learned professor who does not care about My commandments.

Your daily life is a journey toward eternity. The knowledge which helps you to gain Heaven, is the first and most important knowledge for you. The more you learn of Me and My doctrine, the better for you.

All other knowledge is to be esteemed according to how it helps you to live a holier and more useful life. There are many things which are unimportant in your particular walk of life.

If some men were more diligent in rooting out their faults and correcting their defects, they would be much better off than they now are, with their learned discussions about many things.

It is better to be great than merely to be considered great. You will be great if you learn My words and act on them in your daily life. If you merely talk about a holy life, you may impress men, but I know you for what you area failure forever.


Some people value education for itself. They see in it man's greatest achievement. They are mistaken. Knowledge is of no value unless it makes me a better man. It should broaden my view of life, bring me a deeper understanding of people and things, and make me better prepared to receive God's graces. If education makes me more self-centered and proud, if it makes me despise others, it is bad for me. True education should help me live a virtuous life by helping me appreciate God's wonderful creation.


Holy Spirit, my God, inspire me with a love for good and with a healthy knowledge. Show me how to live what I learn, as far as that is possible in my daily life. It is better to live your words than to preach them eloquently or teach them beautifully. The man who can quote line after line of Holy Scripture, is not as great in Your eyes as the one who puts those lines into daily practice. Show me ever more clearly how completely I belong to You. Let no other knowledge ever obscure this first and highest knowledge. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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