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Uncharitable Criticism


My Child, do not believe everything which you hear about others. Men often judge their fellow-men with prejudice. Their judgments frequently depend on their temperaments, tastes, moods, ambitions, and self-love. You will usually be right if You refuse to judge another by the criticisms which you hear about him. Many a man is condemned when he is absent and cannot defend himself.

People feel superior when they criticize others. They are apt to exaggerate the faults of their neighbor. If you show interest in their criticisms, they may be encouraged to continue their uncharitable talk. Show disapproval of all back-biting, at least by your silence. Try to change the subject as tactfully as possible.

Everyone makes mistakes. The human critic may know how to do something better than this man or that man. He may not, however, know the motives or intentions of the one he criticizes. He has no right to reveal another's hidden faults except to protect the innocent, or to help the guilty person himself.

Remember, too, that you may well be the object of the speaker's criticism when you are absent. Speak now of the criticized one as you would want others to speak of you when you are criticized.


One of the worst faults of human nature is that of condemning others. That is why Jesus taught His doctrine of charity. As I judge others, so will I be judged by God. If I condemn others, I too will be condemned. A true follower of Christ is more ready to think well of others than to think evil.


My Jesus, King of my heart, give me some of Your kindness, so that I may always think well of my neighbor. I do not know everything about him. Perhaps he cannot help doing what I disapprove. There may be a hundred excusing causes for what he does. Let me leave all judgment in Your hands and try to overlook what others do. Teach me to mind my own business and to pray for those who seem to need it. Never will I forget Your great Mercy to me, a sinner. As You forgive me, so may I always forgive those who offend me. Never will I reveal the hidden faults of another, except where I am obliged to protect those who are innocent or for the public good. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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