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Desire for Human Appreciation


My Child, some people are anxious to make a good impression and to be esteemed. Others have a strong desire for many friends. Though these things are good, to seek them too intently is dangerous. Such a desire can make a man more eager to please men than to please Me.

Though you owe every man a reasonable consideration and respect, you owe Me far more. When people expect you to do something foolish or downright sinful, rise above all human consideration and remain loyal to Me. In your daily life, treasure My love and friendship above all else. If you are wise, you will avoid anyone who draws you away from Me.

Sometimes you do your neighbor more good by not letting him know you too well. Familiarity may show him faults and defects which he had not suspected of you. Because of this he may lose the inspiration which your words and example had previously given to him. You need have no fear of being a hypocrite, as long as you are really trying to become as good as others think you are. Too often people will judge you more by your failures and weaknesses than by your efforts and ideals.

It is foolish to fix your heart on human favor and approval. What others think of you will often depend on what they themselves are, or on how they feel at the time. Human favor is not always based on truth. For My sake give due consideration to every man, but do not seek human admiration and appreciation.

Sometimes it is best to avoid human attention and to seek Me in solitude. The praises and admiration of men can turn your head to thoughts of pride, vanity, and foolish self-satisfaction. Some think you better than you really are, and others think you worse. I know what you really are and what you are trying to be.


One who is eager to be understood and appreciated by men is a weak man. In this life God alone esteems me as I deserve. His judgment of me will be known and accepted by all men on the last day. The secret of true greatness is to follow God's Will in all things. I need not care for a single instant what any man may think or say. Nothing on earth is more foolish and empty than the unkind thoughts and rash judgments of human beings.


My God, human judgments depend on so many changing circumstances! I can never hope to please You, and still please everyone else in this life. Let me never needlessly offend any human being. Yet, when it is a matter of doing what is right, let me not fear human opinions. Your judgments will stand before all men and angels at the Last judgment. I want Your approval of my life, because Your word is Truth. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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