Thought of the Day:

Self-Conquest in Daily Life


My Child, before you can be truly Mine, you must endure a great interior battle. Your blind, unreasoning self-love will not easily surrender itself to Me, nor to anyone else. This lower self of yours will embrace only its own visible advantages.

And yet, no earthly satisfaction can compare with Me. In Me you will find your greatest advantage, your perfect satisfaction. I alone am all-perfect and all-good. For My sake you must lie ready to sacrifice all things which draw you away from Me. Of all your earthly needs, none is greater than the need to control your unreasoning desires.

When you find it hard to obey your superiors or their representatives, look beyond them and see Me. Obey Ale in them. If your present occupations are disagreeable or difficult, fix your eyes on the eternal goal of these present tasks. Think clearly and do not allow your feelings, moods, or blind self-seeking to deceive you.

With clear thinking, deep faith in My word, firm confidence in My assistance, and unwavering love for Me, you must control and guide your life according to My Will. This will be your highest achievement, this will be your greatest glory. Of all your daily needs, none is greater, nor more important, than this supernatural self-control.

When you have gained full control over yourself, you will have control over everything else. Blessed is he who has learned to be firm with himself, guiding himself with My commandments and controlling himself with My grace.


The more perfectly I die to self, so much the more perfectly will I live to God. Jesus Himself goes before me in all my daily experiences. In loneliness I can join the lonely Christ. In misunderstandings I can turn to Christ misunderstood. Tired, I can rest with the tired Saviour. In all my trials I can see Jesus experiencing the same trials for my sake. No longer will my daily hardships and troubles seem as repulsive and frightening as they once seemed. All the glory of Christian life consists in Christ-likeness. I am most like Jesus when I willingly embrace the daily cross of disappointments, difficulties, labors, and sufferings. Christian self-conquest is the daily answer to the blind, natural selfseeking which seeks to turn me against Christ, my King.


Jesus, divine Saviour, King of the universe, I place my heart and my life at Your feet. Freely I choose to follow You in my daily life. Gladly will I fight my blind, unreasoning self for Your sake. You will lead me through this daily battle, on to an eternal victory. The more perfectly I forget myself for Your sake, the more surely do I walk toward my highest good and most perfect happiness. I wish to follow You in two ways. Firstly, by embracing whatever You choose to send me this day in the way of labors, joys, hardships, failures, and disappointments. Secondly, I wish to follow You by deliberately contradicting my natural desires as often as I can do so without hurting my daily obligations. Let me have such contempt for my blind selfishness that I may never sympathize with myself in anything except Your holy Will and greater glory. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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