Thought of the Day:

Obstacles to Peace of Soul


My Child, as I have already told you, where there is order, there will you find My peace. My peace does not leave you until some disorder has entered into your soul. This disorder may be in your thinking or in your will.

Thus, for instance, some people, either through ignorance or through neglect, fail to see life's daily events My way. They are troubled, anxious, ready to do anything for some need or advantage in their earthly life. My loyal followers work for their needs, but they do not forget Me. They consult My Church when they doubt what is to be done.

Never take your eyes away from My teachings. Otherwise you will easily be deceived. Consider My judgments more than the judgments of worldly people. Let no human praise, nor human fault-finding, influence your loyalty to Me.

Then again, disorder may arise in your will. You may want some worldly advantage or earthly success, regardless of My Will in the matter. If this is so, you shall be deprived of My peace. You may distract or deceive Yourself for a time, but My grace will continue to disturb your conscience.

Be truly wise. Do not have any fixed desires. Place all your hopes, plans, and efforts at My feet. Follow what seems wise and good, but do not make up your mind to have what you desire, no matter what the price. If you follow your unreasoning desires too strongly, you will only find regrets and remorse later on.


There is only one way to true and lasting peace. That way is God's Will. The man who lacks interior peace either wants what God does not want him to have, or refuses to take what God wants him to take. One who does his best to embrace God's holy Will, will receive Christ's peace. What about me? Am I trying to embrace God's holy Will in all that happens to me each day? To do this perfectly I must see the full picture of life. I must see God directing, supporting, and permitting whatever occurs, be it good or evil. In glowing evil to happen, God has reasons far beyond my understanding. My highest wisdom lies in embracing the evils which I am not able to remedy, accepting them because God permitted them to happen to me. When I have succeeded in wanting only what God wants me to have, I shall know the wonderful peace of Christ.


All-wise Creator, You know what is best for me. Everything which You permit in My life, is good for me in some way. You do not ask me to understand all of these things, but only to accept them because You permit them. True, You expect me to do my best to correct the wrongs which happen to me; but when I cannot correct them, that is when I am to embrace them for Your sake. In seeking Your holy Will above my own likes and dislikes, I shall find the grace of interior peace. With this peace I shall think more clearly in my daily life. I shall also find it easier to control my unreasoning desires, since I shall more easily see how unreasonable and foolish they are. Lord, help me share Your holy wisdom by following it in my daily life. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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