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Purgatory Here or Hereafter


My Child, do not expect to find peace until you have overcome a variety of troubles and opposition. If you say that you cannot bear much suffering now, how will you be able to endure the purifying pains of Purgatory hereafter?

The patient man finds a cleansing purgatory in this earthly life. When others wrong him, he is more sorry that evil is done than that he has been wronged. He forgives the evil-doer from the bottom of his heart. He is not slow to ask pardon when he himself has hurt others.

He is more easily moved to pity than to anger. He frequently disregards his feelings and tries to live above them, according to his intelligence and My grace.


Either here on earth or hereafter in Purgatory I must make up for each fault I commit.

Nothing tainted will be allowed to enter Heaven. I can purify my soul now by following the example and words of Christ, my Redeemer. He gained for me the grace to conquer sin and error. Now I must do my part by living a holy life. If I refuse, and die in venial sin, I’ll have to make it up in Purgatory. If I die in mortal sin, I shall condemn myself to hell forever.


My Jesus, you fulfilled Your Father’s Will largely by Your patience during Your earthly life. Therefore, it is only right that I, a miserable sinner, should be patient in my own daily life. Even though this present life may feel like a burden, still, by the help of Your grace, it is a great opportunity to earn heavenly merit. Your holy example and the lives of Your saints, make this life lighter and more bearable for those who take time out each day so as to see more clearly Your way to Heaven. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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