Thought of the Day:

The Virtue of Self-Disrust


My Child, as long as you are on earth, you cannot be certain of your true worth. Only after death will you know everything about yourself. Each day you will learn more about yourself, even things which you do not now suspect.

Every man is something of a mystery to himself. In every human heart there is plenty of room for self-deception. The intention which you claim, may not be the real reason which moves you. Deep within you there may be other reasons, selfish, worldly reasons. Because of this truth I want you to develop a healthy Self distrust and a supernatural trust in My help. No matter how holy you may feel, never trust yourself too far. Refuse to rely on yourself alone. Without Me you are nothing, and without My help, you can do nothing worthy of Heaven.

Your first reaction to this truth might be to worry about your salvation. I have no desire to alarm you, nor do I wish to make you an abnormal self-centered person. I simply want you to live according to the truth. I did not die on the cross that you might be lost, but that you might gain Heaven. You must do your part in this plan. Make a sincere intention to obey My commandments in your daily life. Prove your sincerity by an honest daily effort. In any doubt consult My Church for direction. After you have done all this, place all your hope and confidence in My love and mercy.

My saints were truly wise in their suspicion of self. Realizing that eternity awaited them in Heaven or hell, they were determined to take no chances with self-deception. They overcame it by a holy self-contempt and selfdistrust. They did this in an intelligent way. They fixed their eye on My boundless perfection, the passing nature of earthly life, and the folly of losing Heaven's eternal joy and glory. This vision convinced them that I deserved the best from them, and that their best was all too little for Me. They made doubly sure of their unselfishness with Me by avoiding many things which self desired and by embracing many things which self disliked.

Even while practicing all this self-denial, they continued to pray that no self-deception might remain in their souls. They made frequent acts of hope, that their good works, penances, and prayers might be acceptable to Me. Without worry, fear, or foolish distress, they admitted My infinite greatness, confessed their weakness and littleness, and appealed to My mercy and love to help them gain eternal life.


How true! So often when I thought I was doing something for God, I became angry, spiteful, or uncharitable toward those who interfered with my plans! The fact that I lost my self-control was proof that I was not working for God at all! My worst enemy is within me -this blind, puny, selfish self! Only when I act for God alone, will my action be at its best. I must pray daily with humility and with hope that I may overcome this contemptible self within me. It deserves contempt because it opposes God's wisdom and goodness. I should treat this self as though it were a child which needs to be trained. Then I should proceed to train it daily by acts of unselfishness and self-denial.


My God, the wisest men of all times are Your saints. You were the object of all their desires. Everything else was secondary. I too desire to place You first in my life. In order to do this I shall have to control this blind, self-seeking self within me. You want what is good for me, not just a temporary good, but what is best for me forever. In following self, I shall lose You. 0 let me make efforts to be sure that self shall never control me. I want to practice more prayer, unselfishness, and self-denial in my daily activities. I shall seek greater strength in Your Sacraments. Let me treat this foolish self within me with the contempt it deserves. This will be much easier if I keep my eyes on Your wonderful goodness and love. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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