Thought of the Day:

The Predominant Fault


My Child, I give strength to those who make an honest effort in fighting against their faults. The harder they try, the more will they advance in virtue. The self-control which I give is a man's greatest glory because he approaches closer to My perfection.

No two men have the same combination of faults, nor have they the same amount of grace. I give more grace to those who make good use of what they have already received.

As you make progress against your main fault, you will find your other faults easier to control. Once you are the master of your heart, you will be the master of your life. Your intelligence will be guided by My grace and your will, will follow My wise and holy law.

Begin at last! Attack first your most frequent fault. When you fall back into that fault, instead of becoming sad and discouraged, prove your sorrow by beginning again. You will find selfishness at the bottom of every fault. Your feelings will rebel, but you must fix your eyes on Me, and let your will stand firm on My law.

Prayer, penance, and My sacraments will help you to see Me near, and will give you the strength to follow My Will.


Every man has a predominant fault, that is, an outstanding one, because of which he commits most of the sins in his daily life. Conquering that fault means overcoming many different sins. This fault will not die easily, but a sincere and continued effort will weaken it more and more. Our Lord will not let me fight in vain. He will give me strength to make true progress against this fault. I need only to continue trying, doing whatever is necessary to overcome this fault.


Lord, make me wise in using the means which You have provided for my spiritual victory. Let me never become careless or lazy in following the guidance of Your Church, nor in frequently using Your sacraments. The victory of this daily battle will bring me eternal glory in the wonderful life of Heaven. The reward which You have prepared is far greater than my effort can ever deserve of itself. Let me never become tired of fighting for Heaven. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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