Thought of the Day:

Daily Growth in Charity


My Child, without the virtue of charity, all other virtues lose their supernatural value. What good will it do you to believe in Me, or to hope in Me, if you do not love Me?

This love must be shown in a sincere daily effort to please Me, no matter how disagreeable the task at hand. In fulfilling My Will, you achieve your highest perfection and your greatest good. In all things I lead you toward what is truly best for you.

When you consider that I have given you everything that you are and have, you should not find it difficult to love Me. A frequent consideration of My numberless benefits will help you draw closer to Me in gratitude. This gratitude will bring you a desire to please Me more in your daily life. If you follow this desire, you will be proving your love for Me.

As you advance in this love of gratitude, I shall grant you still higher graces. I shall help you understand Me better. As you come to know Me more intimately, you will appreciate more and more My boundless goodness. You will gradually surrender yourself more completely to My Will. You will no longer permit yourself to resent My Will, but you will finally be convinced that I seek only what is good for you. Your love of gratitude will be transformed into a higher love, the love of friendship.

In this higher level of perfection, you will rise above yourself. You will no longer sympathize with your unreasoning desires when they seek to disregard My Will. You will control your feelings toward the people in your daily life. Whatever good you do them, you will do it for the best reason-you will do it for Me.


If I give God's grace a chance, following its inspirations throughout my daily life, I shall grow in perfection each day. My charity will aim higher and higher, eventually rising above the natural attractions and distractions which now draw me away from God in my daily activities. I shall gradually rise from my present imperfect love of God to a purer love. My good deeds will be done more and more with an appreciation of His boundless goodness. I need only begin this day to offer my activities to God, and to renew my intention from time to time so as to prevent selfish motives from stealing into my soul. In God's own good time, He will raise me up to that perfection which He desires to bestow upon me.


O God of love, Generosity is Your name. Who has ever been as generous with me as You have? Wherever I look, I see Your gifts. Whatever I do, I am using Your gifts. What shall I do for You, Who have done so much for me? Since this will please You above all else, I want to purify my love for You. I shall do my best to make better use of the many graces which You send me each day. I desire to rise from a love of gratitude to a love of friendship. I long for the day when I shall live this earthly life of mine mainly to please You. Whatever my daily obligations may be, I want to do them chiefly for You, my all-deserving God. Amen.

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Encyclical Letter "Laudato si'" of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, 2015/06/18!
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