Saint of the day

Blessed Josefa Naval Girbes

Josefa was born on December 11, 1820, in a town near Valencia in Spain. When her mother died in 1833, Josefa took over the running of the household. When she was eighteen, she joined the Carmelite Third Order and took a private vow of chastity, promising never to get married.

Josefa offered embroidery classes in her home. As she taught the girls the art of embroidery, she also taught them about God. She prayed with her pupils and encouraged them to lead holy lives. Because of her good example and the wonderful things she taught them about the Lord, many of the young women who took her embroidery classes were inspired to enter the religious life. As Pope John Paul II said at her beatification, “her students filled the cloistered convents while she followed her vocation as an unmarried woman in the world.”

In 1885, a cholera epidemic broke out. Josefa bravely and selflessly brought relief and comfort to the sick and dying. Josefa’s love of neighbor was a direct result of her love of God. God allowed Josefa to become very, very close to him.

Josefa died on February 24, 1893. She was beatified on September 25, 1988, by Pope John Paul II.

No matter what walk of life God has called us to, we are all called to become saints. Like Blessed Josefa, we can witness to Jesus and lead lives of prayer and goodness wherever we are or whatever we’re doing.

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