Saint of the day

St. Vincent of Saragossa

St. Vincent was born in Huesca, in Spain. He was educated by Valerius, the bishop of Huesca. Bishop Valerius ordained Vincent a deacon and gave him the task of preaching, even though he was still young. This was because Bishop Valerius recognized Vincent’s talents and goodness.

In 304, both Vincent and Bishop Valerius were arrested by Dacian, the governor of Spain. The emperors Diocletian and Maximian had published a decree ordering that all Christians be put to death. Vincent and Valerius were imprisoned in Valencia, where they suffered from hunger and were treated cruelly. When they were brought before Dacian, Vincent spoke for both of them, saying they were ready to suffer and die for the true God.

Dacian banished Valerius from Spain. But he handed Vincent over to be tortured. In spite of the terrible pains he suffered, Vincent remained peaceful and strong in his faith. He refused to sacrifice to idols or to hand over the sacred books of his church to be burned. The more pains he endured, the more strength God gave him.

When the tortures were over, Vincent was brought back to his prison cell. No one was allowed to bring him food or visit him. When the prison warden saw Vincent’s faith and his peaceful attitude, he was convinced that Vincent worshiped the true God, and he became a Christian. After this, Emperor Dacian allowed Vincent to have visitors. The Christians came to his dungeon to take care of him, but a short time later Vincent died.

St. Vincent remained strong during a time of persecution because of the influence of the holy bishop, Valerius. Vincent had learned from the bishop what it takes to be a follower of Jesus. Let’s ask St. Vincent to help us recognize and follow the good example of others.

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