Saint of the day

St. William of Bourges

William came from a wealthy French family. As a boy, he loved to pray and study. When he grew up he joined the Cistercian Order, and tried to be a good monk. His fellow monks admired him, even though he was not trying to impress anybody.

William had a great devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He always seemed to be happy. When he was made abbot of his community of monks, he remained humble. After the archbishop of Bourges died, William was chosen to take his place. He was grateful to be consecrated a bishop, but unhappy because of all the attention he would receive. He kept humble by doing penance to make up for his own sins and to ask God for the conversion of sinners.

Although William loved to be alone with God in the Blessed Sacrament, he knew it was his duty as archbishop to travel all over his diocese and care for his people. William celebrated the Eucharist and preached the faith. He visited the poor and the sick, consoling them and reminding them of how much God loved them.

Archbishop William died on January 10, 1209. He was buried in the cathedral of Bourges. Miracles were reported by people who prayed at his tomb. William was proclaimed a saint in 1218 by Pope Honorius III.

Even though St. William had an important position as an archbishop, he was humble. He never thought he was more important than other people. We can ask St. William to help us when we feel like showing off or acting like we know more than others.

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