Saint of the day

Blessed Michelina of Pesaro

Michelina was born in 1300 in Pesaro, Italy. Her family was wealthy and she married a rich man. Michelina was a happy person by nature. She and her husband lived a life of luxury and comfort. But when she was just twenty, her husband died. All of a sudden, Michelina found herself alone with a little son to raise.

A holy Franciscan laywoman lived in Pesaro. Her name was Syriaca. Syriaca realized that Michelina was really a wonderful person who needed direction and help to become closer to God. The two women became friends, and Michelina took Syriaca into her home. Michelina was greatly influenced by the holy woman. Michelina became prayerful. She took good care of her son and her home. She spent her free time serving the poor and needy. She visited the lonely and took care of those too sick or too old to look after themselves.

Then, Michelina’s son died suddenly. Michelina decided to become a Third Order Franciscan. At first, her relatives were concerned when she gave away her money and fancy clothes and started to eat plain food. But after a while, they became convinced that Michelina was very close to God.

Michelina lived her whole life in the same house in Pesaro. She died in 1356 at the age of fifty-six. In her memory, the people of her town kept a lamp always lit in her home. In 1590, Blessed Michelina’s house was made into a church.

Blessed Michelina had the choice to live a selfish, easy life or a life of loving, Christian service. It was through the example of her friend Syriaca that Michelina became holy. Let’s thank God for the gift of our own good friends.

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