Saint of the day

Blessed Elisabetta Canori-Mora

Elisabetta was born in Rome in 1774 into a well-to-do Christian family. When she was eleven years old, she began attending school with the Augustinian nuns. She was a student with the nuns for three years. She became very close to God during this time.

When she was twenty-two, Elisabetta married a lawyer named Cristoforo Mora. They had four children, but two of them died when they were very young. Cristoforo turned out to be a cruel husband. He mistreated Elisabetta. After a while, he left home. Now Elisabetta had to care for her two children all by herself.

Elisabetta lived in poverty. She worked as a maid and took in sewing and laundry to earn some money. Besides having to provide for her children, she also had to pay Cristoforo’s debts. But this did not keep Elisabetta from reaching out to those who had even less than she did. She shared what little she had with the poor and took care of the sick. The doors to her home were always open to anyone who needed her help. Because she was a deeply prayerful woman, she was a source of peace and faith for the discouraged and hopeless.

Instead of holding a grudge against her husband, Elisabetta prayed for him and offered up her sufferings for his conversion. After her death in 1825, Cristoforo was touched by God’s grace. He repented of his sins and eventually became a priest.

Elisabetta was beatified on April 24, 1994 by Pope John Paul II.

Blessed Elisabetta faced many difficulties in her life. But they didn’t make her bitter or self-centered. Instead, she asked herself what she could do to make life easier for others. When someone is unkind to us, we can ask Blessed Elisabetta to help us be kind and forgiving instead of holding a grudge.

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