Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

Zeal for Perfection


My Child, do not be afraid of the daily battle for perfection. If you had even a passing glimpse of the heavenly glory which I have prepared for you, you would joyfully embrace any trial and all sufferings for My sake. But I want you to do so without seeing the eternal reward. Strive for perfection with the best and purest motive. Do it because I deserve such effort and loyalty.

Look for opportunities to contradict yourself. This mortification will be your surest sign of spiritual progress. Beware of self-deception. Suspect your motives even in the good within you. Root out all foolish self-seeking by a constant self-contradiction.

This supernatural self-contradiction will purify your love for Me. However, even in this self-contradiction you must be ready at all times to obey your superiors. The higher you aim in the way of perfection, so much the more do you need the guidance and counsel of others. He who follows the will of superiors is more perfect than one who follows his own will in these matters. Obedience is the surest proof of generosity with Me.

Avoid false virtue. Never do anything which would prevent you from fulfilling your daily obligations. Any form of self-discipline which makes you uncharitable or inconsiderate of others is not from Me. Be eager to have your virtues tested by the experiences of daily life. Do not fear misunderstandings, failures, humiliations, or sufferings. Fear only to see your day go by without some sound spiritual progress.

Few reach this rare perfection because few give themselves to Me without some exception or reservation. They leave some small root of earthly self-love in their soul; and like a destructive weed, that root spreads out and chokes the still-tender, developing virtues. Only by daily self -contradiction can you purify your love for Me. Only by daily self-contradiction can you crush the deadly weed of self-deception.


If I desire true spiritual progress without self-deception, I must embrace this sure way of self-contradiction. I can do it in two ways. Firstly, I can willingly embrace the unexpected disappointments and unforeseen sufferings which come to me throughout the day, thanking God for them. In these trials I can renew my self-offering to His divine Will. Secondly, I can seek opportunities to contradict my natural preferences and desires, so that I may offer my will more fully to God. In all this, however, I must always be prepared to obey the corrections and counsels of my spiritual guide and of my legitimate superiors. Only then can I be sure that my desire for perfection is complete.


My God, my greatest Treasure, enlighten my mind to appreciate You more fully. Arouse my generosity to offer You the unreserved love which You deserve. Strengthen my efforts to give myself to You more fully throughout the day. Cast out of my heart all worry about the past, all preoccupation with the present, and all fear of the future. Fix my mind so completely on Your goodness that I may hunger only for one thing-to contradict myself for love of You. You deserve the best that is in me. Let me give it without hesitation. Take my love in whatever way You desire it, whether in sufferings of the body or trials of the mind. I want only one thing-to give You all that I am and all that I have. Jesus is my Model of this self-giving. He was born poor in the stable of Bethlehem, and died poor upon the cross of Calvary. His poverty was due to His voluntary self-giving for my sake. I hope to imitate Jesus in His self-giving. Amen.

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