Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

Preparing for the Daily Battle


My Child, you are to face many trials so that you may practice many virtues. I will send you some consolation and interior comfort at times, but do not look for lasting contentment in this life. For My sake, take courage and be brave in facing things which are disagreeable. I want you to become a new man, another person. You will often have to do what you do not want to do, and give up what you desire.

I tell you this ahead of time, so that you may be prepared to fight the daily battle for Heaven and gain a glorious victory. Without a fight there can be no triumph. He who refuses to enter this battle deprives himself of the final and unending glory. Fight on, suffer patiently, and you will have an all-satisfying crown of happiness with Me in Heaven. Only by labors on earth will you earn an eternal rest in Heaven. Only by this daily combat can you achieve the indescribable victory.

I, your King and Model, will march before you and fight with you. Follow Me fearlessly and loyally. Be ready to fight every temptation and all selfishness. He who abandons Me and My standards is his own worst enemy.


Today some of my efforts will end in failure. Other things which I neither want nor expect, will happen. People will get on my nerves. My own foolishness in some things will annoy me. These are the trials of everyday life. These are my opportunities for virtue. My spiritual greatness or littleness is seen on these occasions. If I keep my patience, I am on the first level of holiness. If I thank God for these occasions, I am on a higher level. If I am glad to have something to suffer for Jesus' sake, I am on the highest level. How much of myself do I really want to give to Jesus? My daily life is the answer.


Dear Jesus, my divine Saviour, You lived a human life in order to suffer my daily trials. By Your patience, kindness, and self-control, You showed the kind of love that You desire of me. Help me to recognize these occasions for virtue in my own life, and grant me the strength to make good use of them. Let me no longer be content with merely avoiding sin. Make me eager to advance in the virtues which I need most. In this way I shall be putting up the best kind of battle against my faults. I shall also be giving You a higher proof of my love for You. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...