Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

Standards of Christ


My Child, there is a great difference between a man who learns by natural talent alone, and one who learns with the help of My grace. The knowledge which comes through grace is far higher, richer, and nobler for your daily life than any other knowledge.

My knowledge brings a holy joy and a new energy to the soul. He who possesses it sees much more in life than what appears on the surface.

Worldly wisdom is foolish in comparison with the knowledge which I give. I teach the freedom of self-control and the joy of spiritual perfection.

The world is often fascinated by the deeds of selfish and proud men, but the virtues of daily life do not always interest the worldlyminded. Worldly people envy one who is rich, strong, attractive, clever, a good writer, a good singer, a fine workman, etc. They would be wiser if they admired and imitated the patient man, the prayerful man, the unselfish one, the considerate person; in short, those who seek to imitate Me in their daily life.

Worldly people judge greatness by external appearances, but I judge first and foremost what is within a man-his desires and his efforts.


Christ teaches me the greatest knowledge in all the universe- the knowledge of God's love and man's true greatness. Christ's peace will be mine when I have received His knowledge and have begun to live it in my daily life. People will no longer have power over my interior dispositions because I will really belong to God. He will be my guiding light. My standards for respecting people will be His standards. My eyes will be so fixed on Him that I shall become less and less influenced by self-interest or human judgments.


O Jesus, You are the Truth of God! Amid the darkness of confused thinking and conflicting ideas, Your light of Truth shines bright. Let my judgments never be influenced by the people who disagree with Your standards. Though the world may laugh me to scorn, I will fear no human judgments, as long as I loyally follow Your standards in my daily life. Too often have I been guilty of selfishness, pride, and vanity in my own thoughts and judgments. I looked at external appearances, visible results, and human recognition. You look at the faith, love, and unselfish intentions in our actions. These are the virtues which make my actions holy and make me like You. I hope to follow these standards from now on. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...