Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

Lasting Interior Peace


My Child, peace I leave to you, My peace I give to you. This is My promise to all My loyal followers. Everybody wants peace of soul, but so few are willing to do what is necessary to obtain it. My Will is the only door to true and lasting peace. This peace is given to those who are gentle and considerate with their neighbor. I do not hesitate to grant it to those who are truly patient, and to the humble.

You could possess all of these virtues and you could enjoy My wonderful peace if only you would follow My directions. Prefer to do the will of others rather than your own will. Always seek the lowest place, and let others be preferred before you. Forget self-interest and follow My instructions. Give all for all, and do not make any exceptions in your offering to Me.

Why do you refuse to have complete confidence in Me? I know what is truly best for you. I can send you nothing that is really bad for you. You do not love yourself one fraction as much as I love you. Let me govern your life. Be convinced that I will take good care of you. Only when you have learned to do things My way, only when you seek My Will above all else, only then will you possess the priceless treasure of My peace. Where I reign, there does My peace flourish.


Peace is the tranquillity which comes from order. Order means that everything is as it should be. When my life is running as it should, I shall have peace. Who knows better than God how my life should be lived? Therefore, if I want peace, I must follow God's holy commands. Why do I lack this peace? It is because somewhere in my life, I am not faithful to God's directions. His directions may seem too difficult, or even impossible, but they are not really so. God will never burden me above my strength, nor will He ever command the impossible. If I lack the strength to follow His wishes, it is because I am not doing what it takes to gain that strength.


Jesus, my King and Saviour, when will I understand that You command only what is best for me? In my blind selfishness I run away from You and from my true and lasting welfare. I want to be free and without frustrations, yet I allow myself to become tied down with earthly interests which are neither necessary, nor good for me. Teach me, impress me with this truth, that when I disagree with You, I am actually my own worst enemy. Convince me beyond all doubt, persuade me, once and for all, that my greatest advantage will come from following Your directions throughout my daily life. Then will I know the wonderful gift of interior peace, which You promised to all who follow You, the peace which everyone seeks, but few possess. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...