Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

A Higher Love


My Child, the more you desire the glory of Heaven, the less will you care for the good things of this life. The glory and praises of men are all too short. They are imperfect and dissatisfying in one way or another. Your greatest praise and glory on earth will come not from people, but from a good conscience.

When you have the grace to live this truth, you will look peacefully on many things which trouble the worldly man. You will see others esteemed and honored, but you will go unnoticed. Others will succeed in their efforts, while you taste failure and disappointment. Others will speak and impress their hearers, whereas your words will make little or no impression. Others will ask and obtain their request, but you will ask in vain. Others will be trusted with some responsibility, and you will be overlooked as though incapable.

True, your human pride will rebel at such treatment. To bear it in silence is no mean accomplishment. Yet, I want you to rise even higher than this. I want you to draw closer to My heart and taste a bit of My power and love. Then will you rise above the desires and ambitions of this earthly life. You will disregard your own conveniences and inconveniences. You will be so eager to do more for Me, that you will take with joy what you once avoided and despised. As you grow in this higher love for Me, you will come to forget all self-consideration. You will eventually love Me so much as to despise self.


If the saints are examples of this higher virtue, then it is true that the love of Jesus makes one desire ever more of suffering and contempt. This higher love makes a man took for the cross in daily life and embrace it heartily. The Apostles actually rejoiced when they suffered humiliation and contempt for Jesus' sake. They were happy to embrace what most men fear and avoid. I cannot quite appreciate this great grace now, but I should pray for it. Moreover, in my daily life, I can at least try to be glad when little contradictions, reproaches, failures, and the like come to me.


Dearest Lord, this higher love is possible only if I place You above all other desires. Many do this in their words, but too few actually do it in their daily life. I will not feel hurt at being unnoticed by others, if I want to be noticed only by You. It is because I do not really see You as my highest Treasure that I sin by anger, resentment, envy, and vanity in these human trials of everyday life. I desire to begin at last to do my daily tasks for You alone, and to seek only Your thanks, appreciation, and love. Let humans deal with me as they will. As long as I have Your friendship, my life will be an eternal success. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...