Yesterday - Thought for the Day:



My Child, you will never face a greater battle than the battle against your unreasoning feelings and desires. These are your passions. They are your most stubborn and most dangerous enemies. This blind and lower self within you is so close to you that it is almost invisible to you. It tries to make you think and feel its way instead of My way. Treat this lower self as an enemy. Acts of mortification will help you to advance in self-control. I will strengthen your efforts with My grace.

The fight for self-control is harder than bodily or mental labors. Your lower self is more determined in pursuing what it wants than your will is, in seeking Me. Self will start with a mild desire and gradually develop a strong habit. You must fight what is bad from the very first time it appears in your life. If you cannot overcome evil when it is small and weak, how will you ever conquer it after it has become a strong habit?

True peace of soul is found not in surrendering, but in controlling your desires and appetites. Control means using things according to My laws of reason and revelation. Self-control requires determination and even violence to self in opposing what is wrong. Do this and you will prove true loyalty to Me.


My daily life is really a battle, with opposing forces arising both inside and outside of me. My most dangerous enemies in this battle, are the enemies within the gates, the blind, unreasoning desires deep within me. They are never quite dead, never completely satisfied. The real "I" is seen in what my will chooses to follow: either the law of intelligence and faith, or the law of pride and blind feelings. Prayer, Sacraments, and mortification are the weapons which will overcome the enemy. The battle will become much harder if I allow any bad habit to grow strong. Relying on God's grace and following the directions of His Church I will conquer sin and advance in virtue each day.


My King and Saviour, You overcame temptation and sin to give me a holy example and to bring me grace to follow Your example. Make me a loyal follower of Yours in this daily battle against my proud and selfish human nature. I hope in Your assistance, and I will begin this day to practice mortification wherever possible. I shall keep trying to live an intelligent life, a life of obedience to Your all-wise Will. Let me subdue the dangerous enemy within me by frequent mortification. Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...