Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

Temptations against Faith


My Child, some persons are seriously tempted to disbelieve what My Church teaches. Such temptations are often caused by the devil, the enemy of Truth. He disturbs My followers because he hates and fears their way of life. He does not bother habitual sinners in this way because he captures them through other sins. Satan inspires many wrong doctrines among those who do not know My Church. Under the appearance of good, these errors appeal to many. Keep close to My Church, and you will never fall into Satan's trap. Whoever disagrees with the word of My Church, disagrees with Me.

If you are tempted in this manner, do not become anxious and troubled. Do not let doubts rob you of your peace. Simply put your trust in My Church, and the enemy will be put to flight. Believe My Apostles and their successors. I have guaranteed them from error. "He that hears you, hears Me" I told them. Their work is to continue to the end of time.

Submit yourself to Me by faith. I want you to know My truth. I will add knowledge to your soul by grace whenever it is necessary for you. I do not require great learning, nor a deep understanding of My holy mysteries. What I ask of you is a strong faith in My words and a virtuous life.


An honest and humble inquiry after truth is a good thing, as long as I am not trying to depart from the traditional and sound doctrine of Christ's Church. I must, however, remember that reason and natural investigation can never penetrate far into the mysteries which God has revealed. I have to submit my reason to His word. It is foolish for me to believe only what I can understand. Can not God know and do things which are far beyond my puny understanding? Will the Author of Truth lead me into error? Sound reason demands that I believe whatever God reveals, no matter how little I understand it.


Lord, If there are so many things here on earth which I cannot understand, how can I understand heavenly things? Human reason is weak and limited. It can be so easily deceived, but true faith can never be deceived. Such faith depends upon Your word, and Your word is Truth. If Your works were such that they could easily be understood by my puny human reason, they could hardly be called wonderful and divine. As long as I know that You speak through Your Church, I shall never doubt what She tells me. Amen.

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