Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

An Important Choice


My Child, people are frequently faced with choices in their earthly life. Choices big or small, important or unimportant, are being made every day by everyone. When one chooses one thing, he usually gives up something else. He who chooses to study law, is turning his back on other professions which he might have chosen. You cannot have everything which you desire. At times you will have to choose some things in preference to others.

The same is also true in the supernatural life. Some things draw you away from Me. If you choose to save your soul, you must turn away from these things. One who is interested only in avoiding hell, will tolerate many a deliberate venial sin in his daily life. He will not make too much effort to eliminate these sins, because he does not choose to bear the inconvenience which such an effort would involve. He wishes to enjoy his earthly life as far as he can without endangering his eternal salvation.

Then again, some people choose to aim at a higher perfection. They seek to come closer to Me by a serious effort to eliminate venial sin from their life, as far as they are able. They turn away from little pleasures and satisfactions which make them less pleasing to Me.

Lastly, there are those who want to make Me their highest goal every moment of the day. They strive to do all things without considering their own convenience or inconvenience. They try to do the better thing, as often as this does not hurt their daily tasks or interfere with their daily obligations. This last group are choosing Me by turning away from every earthly satisfaction.

They still take the food, rest, and recreation which they need, but they now do so for a new and higher reason. Before they did so for the legitimate pleasure and enjoyment which they received from these things. Now, however, they take these things from a sense of duty to Me, because I want them to do whatever is necessary for a good day's work. These are the men who have succeeded in choosing Me in preference to all things. They are not content with giving Me glory in their life, but they seek to give Me the highest degree of glory possible.

He who seeks Me thus completely, finds My perfect peace, My firm and lasting happiness, and his own highest perfection. I am more than any earthly accomplishment, more than any human praise, more than any worldly satisfaction. Only cowardice, or misguided self-interest can make you aim lower than this high perfection.

According as you limit your love for Me, will you have self-deception, spiritual poverty, and discontent. The less you seek My love and friendship, the more do you harm yourself. You yourself will be limiting My generosity with you, because you will not use all of the wonderful graces which I desire to give you.


No man can enjoy all the good things on earth. He has to choose some things in preference to others. I have the glorious privilege of making the greatest choice possible to man. I can prefer the close companionship of Jesus to many other good, but imperfect, friendships. Every other achievement and success has its day and passes away, but the friendship of Jesus will endure forever. Not even death can dissolve it. How much do I really appreciate this priceless treasure? My answer lies in what I am willing to abandon for it. How great a price am I willing to pay for it?


O Jesus, King and Treasure of my soul, show me how I can make this highest of all choices in my daily life. Give me the good sense to avoid all foolish extremes and impractical judgments in following You. Let me not follow my own ideas in this quest for perfection. Make me humble enough to follow directions, unselfish enough to keep trying and generous enough to abandon my own petty satisfactions. Without pretence and without seeking to be noticed, let me offer You as many of my natural pleasures and satisfactions as I am able. With balanced judgment and good taste, help me prefer Your company to all other company whenever I may do so. In all this, however, let me never neglect my duties, impede my ability to do Your work, or offend against true charity. Amen.

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