Yesterday - Thought for the Day:

Intelligent Love


My Child, the more you study My law, the more you will see that what I command is the only intelligent thing to do. I am simply asking that you value persons and things according to their true worth. You offend Me only when you have placed the wrong value on the people and things in your daily life.

You would not want counterfeit money in place of real money. Neither should you be satisfied with false values in anything else. If you learn this holy honesty, you will never prefer any human being to Me.

When you sin for the sake of any creature, you are putting more value into it than it deserves. You are choosing a passing satisfaction in preference to the lasting joy which I want you to have.

If you value things as they deserve, your first interest will be My Will in all things. At present you often deceive yourself. You think that you are acting out of charity, but you are really acting for selfish reasons.


An honest life is the only life which will bring no regrets. God desires to help me live such a life. He wants me to esteem people and things for what they are. Such a standard will help me to avoid many mistakes. It will teach me the true meaning of charity and goodness. My affections will be broadened and purified. I will stop judging people and things with prejudice. Selfish motives will become weaker and rarer within me. I shall begin to be the person I have always wanted or pretended to be. I will be a man of truth, an honest man, a man of God.


My God, give me the grace to love people and things according to their merits and worth. Do not let my heart control my head. Let my intelligence guide the emotions within me, and let my will control my unreasoning desires. Grant that I may love what is good and do what is right, even when I feel like acting differently. I will not take it too hard when earthly friends fail me. You, the Best and Greatest of friends, are always with me. As long as I have Your love, and am on the road to Heaven, I have solid reasons for peace and joy.Amen.

See you tomorrow with another thought! Word of Mouth...